Book by Ismael Algarra '‪13 de noviembre‬' now on sale in Levante UD official stores

Levante UD have released on sale in their official stores at the Ciutat de València Stadium and in Calle Colón a book called ‪13 de noviembre‬’ by Ismael Algarra, a sports journalist who has spent his career linked to news concerning Levante UD.

In the book, Ismael tells the story of his battle against leukaemia following a relapse four years after beating it the first time around, and details the continual presence of Levante UD and the club’s values throughout his struggles.


Levante UD end their online season ticket renewal period on Wednesday 10th July: More information here

The deadline for Levante UD’s online season ticket campaign for the 2019-20 season is Wednesday 10th July at 23.59 hours, although subsequently passes can still be renewed at the Ciutat de València Stadium offices. This campaign once again rewards the most loyal fans from last season and in general all granota members. For more information on renewals or new passes...


The first LUD Campus 2019 at the Patacona is a success

The LUD Campus held last week in the Patacona has now come to an end but from Monday 1st July until Saturday 6th there is a second camp taking place in the unsurpassable facilities just a few metres from the beach. At the same time the ‘Summer Experience’ camp starts at Buñol.During this time, apart from practising their favourite sport,...