Levante UD presents the new Sports Area

This morning Levante UD presented the new members of the Club's Sports Area. The Chairman, Quico Catalán, highlighted the granota DNA of the majority of these members and stressed that "we wanted to recapture the talent, experience and enthusiasm of personnel who used to be part of or are currently part of the Club." The only two newcomers who had not previously formed part of Levante UD are Manuel Fajardo and Javier Sanz, whose professionalism, working method and added value they would bring to the team was highly regarded by the Chairman when it came to an improved, more orderly working method.

“We have tried to create a multidisciplinary team without distinct hierarchies to enhance the feeling of belonging so that unity and teamwork prevail over everything else”, is how Quico describes the new organisation chart. Manolo Salvador joins as Sports Director, while David Navarro becomes the Coordinator of the Sports Management Team. In addition, three new departments have been created:

1. Big data. What is intended with the area of Big Data is that all the work they carry out can be provided to certain people who may help us in making decisions.

2. Coordination and First Team Service Area. This will be led by José Gómez. We want him to be our reference in the day to day running of the team, which is the link between the club and the first team.

3. High Performance Psychology. This area will be led by Juan Miguel Bernat. He is a person who worked with the first team last year and previously with the second team. It will have a global character and we will implement it in the club.”

Finally, Quico Catalán reported that Sergio Gómez would continue as head of the academy. "Sergio Gómez has done a great job in the academy in recent years, not only for the results but also for the work methodology, for the coordination, how the players are treated and how we have implemented very defined values. "

For his part, Manolo Salvador expressed his "maximum enthusiasm" for embarking on this project: "We are going to work as a team, the most important thing is the group". David Navarro also took the floor to assert "for me it is a great challenge. We are introducing another way of working, we are a team in which we are going to make decisions together.”

‘Ways of living’: A documentary about the Levante UD Foundation’s social project that will touch your heart

Levante UD and it’s Foundation have the pleasure of presenting the documentary “Ways of living” on 3rd December at the Palacio de Congresos in Valencia, a production in which ten sportsmen belonging to our projects for people with different abilities will touch the heart of Levante fans and anyone concerned about social inclusion.