Postigo: "We have a hard but great year ahead of us"

Atención, la fecha de publicación de esta noticia es: 20/12/2017 00:51h.

At the end of the match against CD Leganés, Postigo gave statements to the press about the game at the Ciutat de València. It was a a special match for the Levante player as he had come up against his ex-club: “It’s special until the referee blows the whistle, then it’s just like any other match where you have to compete and win”, said the the player.

This was the last match in 2017, just before the Christmas holidays, and Postigo says they have to recharge batteries ready for the new, exciting year: “We have a hard but great year ahead of us”, the granota summed up after the draw.


​ASISA Medical Report

Levante UD’s medical team have carried out medical tests this morning onPostigo and Boateng following the match against FC Barcelona when both players ended up with muscular problems.The good news is that Boateng, who was suffering with muscular pain in his left thigh at the end of the game, has no injuries. Postigo, however, will be unable to play for...