1980s - 1990’s

The 80s established the frontier in the social and sports section. Levante entered the decade as a Second Division tenant, and maintained the position. Still, halfway there, Levante felt the inferno of Third Division and learned the uncertainty of going through the Second Division without any aspirations. The continuous sport oscillations meant a significant reduction of the social mass. Economic problems followed. The club went back to the Third Division after beating Fuengirola and Ourense in June, 1984, and was invested as a Second Division team, after beating Nules in season 1988-1989, counting on Ramón Victoria as the president, and Pedro Villaroel working ‘behind the scenes’.

However, the stay in football’s national second category was brief, and ended together with season 1990-1991. The 90s continued to follow this tendency during the first five years. Levante lived epic chapters, such as adding thirteen victories in a row, counting on Juan de Ramos as the coach in season 1994 - 1995, and José Luis López as the president. In that chronological sequence, the club became a Sports Public Limited Company (Sociedad Anónima Deportiva), following the established postulates by the national fotball’s managers. With Carlos Simon sitting on the bench, Levante conquered the Second Division A, after leading the promotion against Córdoba, Avilés and Racing de Ferrol, and a year later, having Mané as the trainer, Levante completed a remarkable season, which mutated into a horror scene that couldn’t be continued easily.

Cruyff llega al Prat para fichar por el Levante

Johan Cruyff aterrizó en el aeropuerto del Prat en Barcelona el viernes 27 de febrero de 1981. El futbolista holandés regresaba a España, a un país que conocía, a una ciudad en la que había desarrollado parte de su carrera profesional… para comprometerse con el Levante. Francisco Aznar, a la sazón presidente de la entidad, le imponía, todavía en la...