El Juvenil A, colíder tras una nueva victoria frente a la UD Alzira

Levante UD: Pablo García, Marc Pubill, Mario Climent, Marcos Cano (Roger Martínez, 62'), Carlos Giménez (Fernando Villar, 84'), Joan Gallego (Víctor Blanco, 73'), Álvaro Guillén, Carlos Benítez, Juan Carlos Castelló (Gonzalo Serrano, 73'), Evangelos Andreou, Borja Calvo (Javier Jiménez, 62').

UD Alzira: José Chover, Josep Pons, Francesc Alonso, Diego Doménech, Víctor Savall, Víctor Sala (Joan Sanchis, 66'), Mario Sesé, Israel Ull (Iker Gallardo, 55'), Marco Toscano (José Manuel Guaita, 66'), Sergio Fuentes (Sergio González, 55'), Miguel Moreno (Juan José Pérez, 55').

Árbitro: Nicolás Garcelán Docio.

Goles: 1-0. Álvaro Guillén, min. 43
2-0. Álvaro Guillén, min. 50


Levante UD has successfully finished its six LUDCampus sessions and will soon start in the US and Costa Rica.

Levante UD has concluded the various soccer camps organised by its International department and which had taken place throughout the Valencia Province, but also in other parts of the country, a classic of the summer season that has been successfully concluded. Soon, as from 26th July, it will be the turn for locations beyond our borders, specifically the United States...