Lerma back on track with the Levante pack at Ermelo

Atención, la fecha de publicación de esta noticia es: 31/07/2018 14:58h.

Jefferson Lerma has jumped right back into the Granota training scene which is currently being executed at Ermelo. The midfielder has joined the hit squad at high noon. Jefferson Lerma landed at Royal Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at twelve-thirtyish Tuesday afternoon. About an hour later, he was seen making a straight on-target trajectory through the foyer of the Heerlickheijd Van Ermelo Hotel, negotiating the hall, moving fast across the lobby, to accomplish the goal of meeting up with his team, Levante Union Deportiva. The Colombian midfielder bids farewell to the summer break after enjoying a few additional days due to his participation at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Lerma proudly wore the national emblem as he defended Colombia in the international competition that matched national teams up against each other during the months of June and early July. The box-to-box midfielder has now resumed his usual routine of rigorous training sessions, albeit starting off with a personalized workout plan to accelerate getting him into tip top shape, on par with the other members of the Granota hit squad. Welcome back, Jefferson Lerma.

Jefferson Lerma Pretemporada LaLiga Santander Ermelo

Paco Lopez; "We have lost this match, but there are 35 clashes left to fight and this team is very much alive"

“We have lost this match, but there are 35 clashes left to fight and this team is very much alive."This was the message that surged from the heart of Paco López in the Ciutat de Valencia Stadium press conference room after the defeat against Sevilla F.C. The Levante ‘Frog’ manager jumped to the defense of the ‘Granota’ squad he trains....


Player roster for Matchday 3, Levante vs. Valencia

Paco Lopez, after wrapping up today's training session, which began at 9:30am, at the Buñol training ground, has confirmed the roster of the footballers who are called to step up against Valencia CF at the Frogs home pad for LaLiga Santander Matchday 3 on Sunday, 2nd of September at 12:00noon.Once again, the derby rumble will take place at the Granotas’...