Levante UD create the LUDoteca Granota

Levante UD have joined the campaign ”Stay at home” and as time at home may go more slowly than normal we have come up with up some ideas to entertain people, old and young alike. We have opened LUDoteca Granota, where Levante fans can interact with us via social networks with games and entertainment, and with the players. Everyone who takes part in LUDoteca Granota will be entered in a draw where they could win club merchandising.

How do I send files?

Twitter – You should mention @LevanteUD and write the hashtag #LUDotecaGranota

Instagram – You should tag us and write the hashtag #LUDotecaGranota

Facebook – Respond to the corresponding publication with the hashtag #LUDotecaGranota

Email -

What can we find on LUDoteca Granota over the next few days?


Show us your artistic abilities by making something related to Levante UD. You could recreate the Ciutat de València stadium, make a figure of one of our players, or of Blau or Grana, make a poster to cheer on the team…let your imagination fly.


If you like drawing, show us your talents by drawing something related to Levante UD. For example, can you draw the best victory you have experienced in the Ciutat de València, or at the training ground, or in Paterna with the Indoor football team? What were the goals like? How did you celebrate? Send us your picture!


One picture can tell more than a thousand words. We would like you to send us a special photo related to Levante UD and share your memory of when it was taken with other Levante fans.


We have often seen you cheering on our teams in the Ciutat de València, at the Training Ground or in the Pavilion. At the moment we cannot do it there but you can show us how you would cheer them on. Record a video with your family and show us how you celebrate a Levante UD goal and cheer on the team from the grandstand.

We will put together some of the best moments from the current season. Videos of the best goals and audios from our official radio. We will also remember some of the best moments from #LUDMedia, interviews, narratives of historical goals, and other documentaries...

Short Stories:

Take part in the Short Stories competition which has been started up to celebrate our 110th anniversary. Check the rules and prizes here.

Letters to the players:

Write a letter to your favourite player and we will deliver it to him or her. Each player will choose their favourite letter and read it on social networks as well as sending a message to the author. We will also publish the best letters on our social networks.


We will still follow our teams so we can see their personal training plans, interviews and different challenges so they can interact with fans and be as close as possible to them.


Who can answer our Trivial questions correctly? Who is the fastest at doing a Levante crossword? Do you dare join in the challenges set by the players? We will prepare different games for you and your family to enjoy with us.



The Levante UD eSports section offers the possibility to face PRO players in FIFA20 games 1vs1. Daniel Aguilar and Ranerista are ready to accept the challenge. Are you ready? Come and try it! BEAT THE PRO!

#StayatHome Cup: Italy meets Spain

Levante UD eSports, together with Esports Academy ESA, are organising an international tournament of FIFA20 in which Italian and Spanish teams will face each other to determine who is the champion of the tournament. Every night you will be able to follow the competition games on Levante UD’s social networks and enjoy watching the best world players of FIFA20. Here are the teams that are participating in the tournament: STAY TUNED!

Levante UD

Valencia CF

Villarreal CF

Real Zaragoza

Parma FC

Sassuolo FC

SD Huesca

U.C. Sampdoria

Hashtag United

Bologna FC

Virtual museum:

We will teach you more about Levante UD’s history in an easy and enjoyable way through our virtual museum. We will show you the different areas of our museum using updates, historical videos, significant images, anecdotes and much more.

Granota Advice:

People from different areas of the club will give you some useful Granota Advice on how to get through spending so much time at home. Don’t miss it!


Levante UD is working to offer different alternatives at the end of the season to compensate its 5,780 current season ticket holders.

Thanks to the promotion policies of the Levante UD Board of Directors, many season ticket holders have benefited from various offers. These policies, together with the season ticket holders’ fulfilment of the requirements of the various campaigns based on attendance at League games, have resulted in there being currently 5,780 season ticket holders who have paid up for this season....


Season ticket holders who have attended the 13 league games this season at the Ciutat de València will benefit from the 20-21 Season Ticket Campaign promotion

The Levante UD Board of Directors has decided to modify the conditions of the season ticket holders’ promotion in force for the 19-20 season in order to provide an additional benefit for the coming season, after the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the last six home matches to be played behind closed doors.Within the 19-20 campaign for season ticket holders, Levante...