Levante UD premieres the documentary ‘The Ciutat: 50 years of impossible stories’ about the half century of its stadium’s life

On 5th January Levante UD released the documentary 'El Ciutat: 50 years of impossible stories', a brand new and affectionate journey through some of the chapters that have been experienced in our current and recently renovated stadium throughout its already more than half a century of life. It is the Club’s own production designed as one of the milestones marking the 50th anniversary of our stadium, which we are launching now because we wanted to be able to also include the very latest innovation that our arena has experienced and it is nothing other than its present state after its remodelling.

During the 40 minutes of footage, several of the Club’s historic figures from these 50 years appear, both managers as well as footballers and former footballers of the first men's and women's teams, football personalities and even referees. But it is not only football that the granotas recall, since in the ‘Ciutat de València’, formerly called ‘Antonio Román’ in honour of our former president or also the ‘Nou Estadi’, events have taken place mainly related to the game, but it has also hosted concerts or even paranormal phenomena.

Historic characters such as Carlos Caszely, Johan Cruyff, Ballesteros, Paco Salillas, Sonia Prim, Ettien, Campuzano, Antonio Calpe, Juanfran, Juanlu, Munúa, Emmanuel Boateng and Jorge Barrie; other prominent figures who have played their part during these 50 years and who are still at the club in their respective areas, such as Quico Catalán and Paco Fenollosa; Paco López, Morales and Postigo; Manolo Salvador, Raimon Ferrer, Rosa Castillo and Mora, are also part of this documentary. Vicente del Bosque, our Levante UD EDI team, the former collegiate Pino Zamorano and even a Lady in White also appear in this ‘The Ciutat: 50 years of impossible stories’. The Levante UD Centennial events also have a special place.

The documentary is Levante UD's own production made for its fans, with the one and only claim that it is a brand new entertaining product that constitutes a gift on Three Kings Day and thereafter for the faithful Levante followers. We also have to acknowledge with thanks the collaboration of LaLiga and the Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació for the transfer of photos, as well as RTVE.


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