Life Pro Nutrition becomes a new collaboration partner for Levante UD

Life Pro Nutrition has become Levante UD's new partner until the end of the season and will collaborate, with its Endurance product line, with the club’s top three teams - men's, women's and futsal - following an agreement reached between both parties.

Life Pro Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand with a widespread presence in Europe, and Endurance is the line of sports supplements specially designed for endurance sports, their specific needs and requirements.

Life Pro Endurance offers a wide variety of high-quality supplements, made with the best raw materials, for all endurance athletes looking to optimise their preparation before, during and after training and competitions.

Endurance has been created with the aim of improving performance during training, preventing or reducing the onset of fatigue, maintaining glycogen stores, and even maintaining hydration levels and replenishing mineral salts lost through perspiration.

The excellence of its products is the result of solid experience in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation, in addition to a large team of nutritionists specialising in high-performance sports.

Alejandro Monedero, CEO of Life Pro Nutrition has highlighted how proud his brand is “to collaborate with a centennial club such as Levante UD and to be part of its successes and victories. We are very happy to support these three teams with our products.”


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