The mayor of Valencia and the president of Levante UD sign the protocol for the second phase of alterations to the Ciutat de Valencia stadium

On Wednesday the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, and the president of Levante UD, Quico Catalán, signed the protocol for the second phase of the alterations to the Ciutat de València stadium, a project which the City Council “values positively for urban, environmental and social reasons” and considers it “in the public interest for the city of Valencia”. Joan Ribó and Quico Catalán visited the phase I works surrounding the remodeling of the stadium following the signing of the agreement.

"We have signed an agreement between the Valencia City Council and Levante UD, and we are visiting the works which have great technological potential and with which the Orriols neighbourhood and the entire city will be very satisfied." Ribó wished “Levante UD the greatest success and the hope that everything goes very well, and that both the Orriols neighbourhood and the Nazaret neighbourhood - with the Sports City project - as well as, in general, the whole city, might also enjoy world-class sports infrastructures.” In so saying, the mayor highlighted the project that is being finalised in the Nazaret Sports City, "a project on which we have been working and which is already very advanced”, said Joan Ribó, who added that "it will greatly stimulate the Nazaret neighbourhood and it will improve the sports facilities of the entire city.”

For his part, the president of the Granota club, Quico Catalán, stressed that the agreement with the municipal government “permits our home to continue to be our home, and that this stadium of ours is a national and international benchmark not only in the world of football, but also a benchmark in Valencia, making it an attractive and interesting place for people who come to Valencia to enjoy sport and the city itself. Quico Catalán was grateful for "the support of the Valencia City Council", with whom he stressed that "we work hand in hand in our common goal, which is to satisfy the club, the city and the people of Valencia.”


Levante UD official statement

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