The Republican Cup, on show at the IES Puzol Secondary School during a conference about the 2nd Republic

Atención, la fecha de publicación de esta noticia es: 12/04/2018 13:07h.

The Republican Cup that Levante F.C. won in July 1937, after beating Valencia in the Final at the Sarrià ground (1-0), was on show yesterday at Puzol Secondary School. The trophy was the centrepiece of a presentation forming part of the VII Republican Cultural Week organised by the Republican Platform 14 d’Abril in Puzol, which described sport in the city of Valencia during the historical period of the 2nd Republic. Recaredo Agulló and Emilio Nadal participated in the event.

Levante UD Copa de La República

Levante UD 21/22 fire up at Buñol Training Ground

The 21/22 pre-season is now a reality. Levante UD has returned to training at Buñol Training Ground and has done so with all the players available to coach Paco López. Apart from the already notified absentees, Duarte and Enis Bardhi, the granotas have now started work on programme and featuring the three new faces, Roberto Soldado, Enric Franquesa and Brugui,...


Marcelino and Paco López to hold Joint Press Conference at Ciutat

Toral Marcelino and Paco López, managers of Valencia C.F. and Levante U.D., respectively, will hold a joint press conference on Friday, 31st of August, to speak about the much anticipated Matchday 3 clash; the Valencia Derby, which will pit the Granotes (Frogs) against the Taronges (Oranges), at home, on the green pad of the Orriols’hood stronghold, Estadio Ciutat de València...