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Ethics & Compliance

Levante Unión Deportiva, S.A.D. is committed to promoting integrity and transparency as part of its culture of corporate ethics, in the clear conviction that long-term global sustainability can only be attained through such a culture and by complying with regulations. All our operations are conducted according to the strictest standards of ethics and the utmost integrity. All persons associated with the club as employees and otherwise, be they professional sportspersons or not, are under obligation to conduct themselves in line with the strictest ethical standards and safeguard the reputation of the club.


In line with its transparency goals, the club has set up an independent internal body called the Compliance Body, which reports to the Board of Directors. This body is answerable in its day-to-day operations to the Department of Integrity, and is responsible for implementing, developing and continuously improving the club's compliance programme, which covers internal rules and regulations plus surveillance and control measures to which all management staff and other employees at the club are subject. This enables us to progress towards better practices.


This system establishes preventive measures and checks to ensure strict compliance with applicable legislation and with the regulations to which the club has signed up voluntarily.


A specific mailbox or reporting channel has been set up to enable members, affiliates and third parties to inform the club of any breach of the law, of regulations, of internal provisions or of the code of ethics:



Ethical Mailbox