Announcement from the Levante UD Cent Anys Foundation

Atención, la fecha de publicación de esta noticia es: 22/05/2017 19:25h.

At the General Meeting of the Levante UD Cent Anys Foundation which was held today at the Ciutat de València Stadium, all the patrons elected at the General Shareholders Meeting on 19th December have accepted their appointment.

The public institutions have also done the same; the Generalitat Valenciana, Valencia Council and Valencia City Hall, as well as the FFCV, Frog, Fan Club Association and Veterans.

They also agreed to naming the other 6 freely appointed patrons and that of the ex chairman Mr. Juanjo Murria. They will have to accept, in this case, their position at the General Meeting of the Levante UD Cent Anys Foundation which will take place in June.

The freely appointed patrons elected are:

Section 1 - (More than 150 shares)

- Mr. Jesús Miguel Crespo Flor

- Mr. Manuel Moreno Olmos

Section 2 - (Between 31 and 150 shares)

- Mr. José Luis Marín Carbonell

- Mrs. Kika Ruiz Sanahuja

Section 3 - (Between 1 and 30 shares)

- Mr. Javier García Murillo

- Mr. José Miralles Martínez


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