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Levante UD

Charitable Granotas: Levante UD and the Foundation give out 104 tablets in 52 retirement homes in Valencia

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As part of the ‘Charitable Granotas’ campaign, Levante UD and the Levante UD 'Cent Anys’ Foundation have started up a new initiative to distribute 104 tablets, with their corresponding SIM cards, among 52 retirement homes in Valencia. The aim is that all the residents can use them to contact their families and therefore make life easier during the current health crisis brought about by COVID-19.

The devices are personalised and have all the facilities necessary for residents to be able to stay in contact with their families.

Each tablet has a card with 60 GB of data and a duration of two months. Levante UD and the Foundation have received support from Vodafone, PcComponentes and NGS.