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Levante UD

El Levante UD incorpora a Miguel Miró en Desarrollo de Negocio

Levante UD continues its internal restructuring to boost the club, and one of the main pillars of the new strategy is the attraction of talent. In this regard, the club welcomes Miguel Miró, a graduate in Business Administration and Management and a Master's in Commercial Business from the Luis Vives Business School.

After 12 years in the Prensa Ibérica editorial group (Levante EMV or Información), Miró assumed the management of Diari de Girona and Arts Gràfiques de Girona for 7 years from 2002, and also led the Empordà weekly. He was appointed a director of the participating distribution company and became a member of the board of the Catalan Publishers Association.

In 2009, he moved to Valencia to take on the management of Levante-EMV and Superdeporte, as well as all the group's audiovisual media. In 2014, he joined Valencia Plaza as the general director, playing a key role in the subsequent growth of the Valencian editorial group. This growth included the creation of Revista Plaza, as well as the openings of Alicante Plaza, Castellón Plaza, and Murcia Plaza, all closely linked to the business and social ecosystems of each province.

Business Development, a Strategic Area at Levante UD

Since September, with the arrival of Pablo Sánchez as president and José Danvila as CEO, along with a more professionalized board of directors overseeing each area, and Pedro Sáiz as general manager with committed and rigorous management, Levante UD has redefined its Business Development department. This department is crucial in creating and selling non-sports assets in football clubs, which are essential not only for the economic sustainability of the teams but also for their brand and sporting launch.

In this context, Miguel Miró joins Levante UD to create and develop a commercial and marketing plan, with the necessary investments to make Levante UD and its stadium a reference in Spanish football. Miró is supported by other distinguished individuals in the Business Development area, which also includes digital strategy, stadium operation, ticketing and hospitality, commercial activities, stores, sports sponsorships, and brand activation.