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Inclusion and Women's Sports Highlighted in Joint Training Between Caixa Popular and Levante UD Women's Teams

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The Ciutat de València stadium hosted a joint training session between players from Levante UD's women's first team, Levante UD EDI Femenino, and employees from Caixa Popular. This event emphasized the importance of inclusion and women's sports.

Organized by Levante UD and its Foundation, the day brought together 15 employees from Caixa Popular and another 15 players from Levante UD EDI Femenino, alongside several footballers from Levante UD's women's first team.

This special event not only highlighted the significance of women's sports but also fostered synergy between Levante UD and Caixa Popular, a company that strongly supports women's sports and social inclusion projects through its "Projecte Dona" and “Sense Barreres” initiatives.

During the training session, participants engaged in various activities designed to promote teamwork and integration. Players from Levante UD's women's first team shared their experiences and skills, motivating the athletes from Levante UD EDI Femenino, who showed great enthusiasm in every exercise.

The coaches from the Levante UD Foundation led the session, ensuring all participants enjoyed a rich and formative experience. The event underscored the importance of initiatives that promote equality and inclusion in sports, strengthening the bonds between different sections of the club and the employees of Caixa Popular.

"Projecte Dona"

The Valencian financial entity Caixa Popular offers grants for projects promoting gender equality. These grants are funded by a €10,000 fund generated through the Caixa Popular's Dona card.

The Dona card is the first bank card that promotes gender equality, allocating a percentage of the benefits from each purchase to social projects that foster equality among people, at no cost to the card users.

Men and women, whether clients of the entity or not, can apply for the card at any of Caixa Popular's more than 75 branches. It is a card with a social commitment, designed for people who are aware of the importance of equality.

The grant initiative is part of the Caixa Popular Dona project, which includes various actions to promote equality among people, a value the entity has upheld since its inception in 1977.

In its commitment to equality, Caixa Popular has launched initiatives such as collaborating with the Novaterra Foundation on a self-employment project for women with limited resources. They have also created the InvestigaDona line, an initiative to promote women's and girls' access to science and to foster women's leadership in research, in partnership with INCLIVA.

Additionally, Caixa Popular organizes events such as 'Dona la Veu,' hosted by presenter Mariola Cubells, and social media interviews through the ‘Diàlegs’ program with Emma Tomás, featuring guests who play significant roles in the fields of equality and women's issues.