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Last Match of the Season at Ciutat de València Sees Goal Debuts for Andrés García and Carlos Espí

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Levante UD and AD Alcorcón faced their penultimate match of the league competition with one goal in mind: to win. Both needed to secure victory, and for Levante, they also had to hope for favorable results in other matches to keep their chances alive for pursuing their respective goals. After a first half with barely any chances and no goals, Levante took the lead with goals from Andrés García and Carlos Espí, the first for both players. However, the visitors fought until the end and managed to equalize.

Both teams played a first half with few shots on goal, with only one attempt from the visitors. The home team had more possession, but both sides struggled to create dangerous opportunities in the opponent's area. AD Alcorcón came closest to scoring, hitting the crossbar twice. The first time was in the 13th minute with a shot from Jacobo Glez., and the second was in the 43rd minute with a strike from the edge of the area by Víctor G., which, after deflecting off Oriol Rey, hit the far post. Between these two chances, E. Addai tried from outside the box, but Andrés Fernández diverted the ball to a corner. For Levante UD, the most notable action was by Carlos Álvarez, around the half-hour mark, with an individual effort that saw him enter the area and attempt a shot, but the visiting defense cleared the ball to a corner at the last moment.

After the halftime break, both teams came out with more intensity, seeking to score. Levante hovered around the rival area with the presence of Cantero, while AD Alcorcón tried their luck through Jacobo Glez., but his shots went off target. As time passed, the urgency to score grew, and the scoreboard began to change. Andrés García opened the scoring with a great left-footed shot from outside the box. Following this first goal, changes were made in the Levante lineup, and four minutes later, one of the substitutes experienced a moment he will never forget. Youth player Carlos Espí capitalized on a great assist from Carlos Álvarez to score, despite the pressure from defenders, inside the area, sending the ball into the back of the net. Both Andrés García and Carlos Espí marked their debut goals for Levante.

Despite the 2-0 lead shown on the scoreboard, the visitors did not give up and troubled the home side. Víctor García reduced the deficit by scoring from a corner kick. Roger Brugué had a chance for Levante UD in a one-on-one situation, and in stoppage time, Alcorcón scored the equalizer with a header from Dyego Sousa, who had another opportunity in the final seconds but was denied by Andrés Fernández, who deflected his shot.

Match summary
Levante UD
Levante UD
Ciutat de Valencia
AD Alcorcón
AD Alcorcón
Andrés Fdez. photo
13Andrés Fdez.
Jesús Ruiz photo
01Jesús Ruiz
Dela photo
Castro photo
Àlex Valle photo
05Àlex Valle
O. Rivas photo
04O. Rivas
Andres Garcia photo
30Andres Garcia71
Iago López photo
20Iago López
Cabello photo
Chema R. photo
23Chema R.
P. Martínez photo
10P. Martínez60
P. Mosquera photo
05P. Mosquera69
Fabrício photo
Juanma B. photo
10Juanma B.82
O. Rey photo
20O. Rey
F. Vico photo
14F. Vico60
C. Alvarez photo
37C. Alvarez
Víctor G. photo
17Víctor G.
R. Brugué photo
07R. Brugué
Jacobo Glez. photo
08Jacobo Glez.
Cantero photo
E. Addai photo
26E. Addai83
Felipe Miñambres
Mehdi Nafti
J. Femenías photo
01J. Femenías
Alex Ruiz photo
31Alex Ruiz
Capa photo
Morillas photo
Alex Muñoz photo
03Alex Muñoz60
J.c. Babin photo
06J.c. Babin
Maras photo
È. Callís photo
29È. Callís
Postigo photo
Javi Lara photo
15Javi Lara69
Kochorashvili photo
Yan Eteki photo
18Yan Eteki
O. Clemente photo
17O. Clemente
Iker Bilbao photo
24Iker Bilbao
Rober Ibáñez photo
19Rober Ibáñez83
Chiki photo
Algobia photo
Dyego Sousa photo
11Dyego Sousa60
Edgar photo
Obi photo
Dani Gómez photo
09Dani Gómez
Artola photo
C. Espí photo
38C. Espí60
Marciano photo
Andres Garcia
(1 - 0)
C. Espí
(2 - 0)
(2 - 1)
Víctor G.
(2 - 2)
Dyego Sousa
Match officials
Rafael Sánchez López
Jesús Mira Garcia
José Hernández García
Pol Gòdia Solé
Fourth official
José Antonio López Toca
Video Assistant Referee
Josep Bordoy Homar
Assistant VAR Official