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Levante UD

Levante UD and Macron present the third kit: the granota skin

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Levante UD and Macron present the official third kit for this season. This clothing represents one of the identifying signs of the Levante team, since it symbolises the "granota" skin, a nickname by which it is known because this amphibian, the frog, is the mascot of the Valencian club.

On the shirt you can see the tones that characterise the granota skin, while the shorts and socks are green, the latter with two horizontal stripes in the Levante colours.

Pepelu and Iborra, from the Men’s team; Alba Redondo, Carol Férez and María Méndez, from Levante UD Women’s team; and Rubi and Rafa Usín, from Futsal, have been selected to present this third kit, which is more granota than ever and which can be purchased from tomorrow, Tuesday, in the official stores of the Stadium and on C/Colón and also in the Online store (