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Levante UD

Promotion for Peñistas, Veterans, and Animation Stand

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The main novelty of Levante UD's season ticket campaign for the 2024/25 season is that peñistas registered with any of the peñas that are part of the Levante UD Peñas Delegation, as well as members of the Levante UD Footballers Association (in both cases from the 23/24 season), and those in the animation stand (mostly known as Levante Fans, provided they present proof of payment of the Levante Fans club fee) will receive the renewal price, even if it corresponds to a new membership and it's the first time they purchase their season ticket.

Pricing Details

As previously mentioned, a peñista or veteran can get a pass starting at €115. If they also hold 4 shares, they can watch all Levante UD matches at the Ciutat for €81, making each match cost only €3.68.

Prices Remain the Same

The new Levante UD board has decided to keep the season ticket prices unchanged from the previous season to encourage fans to purchase the pass and support the team. Additionally, discounts for loyalty (attendance at 75% of the matches grants a bonus provided they hold a share purchased before the first league match of the 23/24 season), renewal, having at least 4 club shares, being a youth (under 25 years), or a child (under 14 years) will also be maintained.

This undoubtedly makes it the most affordable season ticket in the second division of Spanish football. For those under 25, the pass can cost as little as €28 if they are shareholders, or €19 if they combine it with the loyalty promotion. On the other hand, the most expensive pass at the Ciutat de València is €545 in the Central Tribune for an adult without any promotions: not a peñista, not a veteran, without shares, and buying the pass for the first time.

Cumulative Promotions

Promotions for age, loyalty, renewal, and shareholder status are cumulative, with the average price of an adult season ticket around €81. Additionally, as a novelty, peñistas, veterans, and animation stand members can get their pass with the renewal discount, even if it is a new membership. The only area with a price increase is the Palco VIP l’Alqueria, as last season's price was the same as in 2014/15.

For More Information

For all information regarding dates and prices of season tickets, please refer to the full article via this link.