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Levante UD

The Levante UD Footballers Association launches its first "Reminiscence Workshop" at the Ballesol Residence.

The inaugural session of the "Football-based Reminiscence Workshop" conducted by the Levante UD Footballers Association is now a reality.

The veteran Levante players have initiated this workshop at the Ballesol Gobernador Viejo Residence, thanks to the project by the Spanish Federation of Veteran Footballers Associations (FEAFV), LaLiga, and its Foundation, through which a total of sixteen cities will conduct the first 20 workshops in residences, reaching over 200 individuals. Miguel Pallardó, president of the Levante veteran players, accompanied by Sergio Ballesteros, Vicente Latorre, Toni Lloret, Moyano, and facilitators Juan Barat and Kike Moris, have inaugurated the workshop, which will consist of 12 sessions. The program alternates didactic activities at the residence with different actions coordinated with Levante UD, such as a visit to a training session of the men's first team at the stadium and a tour of the Granota coliseum, aiming to generate enriching and highly emotional moments.

Football against oblivion

 The launch of this project aims to reach individuals to whom much is owed, thus becoming a magnificent opportunity to promote awareness and social consciousness with this group. Moreover, it has been proven that football can be a very effective tool to help retrieve memories, especially among those with emotional ties or memories associated with the sport. Football has been a significant part of their lives, and through it, they relive the excitement of recalling a match they attended, a victory of their team, or a player they knew. By the end of the 12 sessions, participants will have regained unforgettable memories and emotions.


The Ballelevante UD

In the first session, the Levante facilitators have formed the Ballelevante UD, comprised of Laura Gómez, Joaquín Falomir, Jose Roselló, Mª Ángeles Gisbert, Gloria Andreu, Manuel Catalán, Purificación Álvarez, Manuel Ceballos, Vicente Alabau, and Concha Furió, participants of the Levante UD Reminiscence Workshop; a football team that, through their experiences, will undoubtedly end the season revitalized, undefeated, and in top form, both physically and mentally.