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The parents of the Cantera Granota participate in the training sessions of Levante UD.

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The parents of the Prebenjamín B team recently took part in one of the training sessions offered by Levante UD to the families of the players in the Cantera Granota, aimed at assisting in the personal growth of the youth. This session focused on building self-esteem and the crucial role of parents in fostering it in their children.

Throughout the season, Levante UD provides various talks to the parents of the Cantera Granota players covering different topics that can aid in the players' sporting and personal development, such as communication, self-esteem, and emotional expression, among others. These talks, promoted and led by the psychology department of the academy, aim to equip parents with tools to effectively support the personal and sporting development of their children. Julia Montero, a psychologist at the Cantera Granota, explains, "We try to hold a minimum of two meetings with the families of each team. We have developed a training itinerary from the youngest players to the older ones, and at each stage, a specific topic is addressed that we believe is important to consider based on the players' developmental stage."

One of the recently conducted sessions focused primarily on self-esteem, a fundamental component in players' progress as it directly influences their performance, their ability to face challenges, and their emotional well-being. Levante UD placed special emphasis on this aspect, guiding parents on how to work on it and highlighting their crucial role in the process of forming their children's self-esteem. This was done in a highly participatory dynamic where parents themselves, through their interventions, generated reflections.

During the talks, parents receive detailed information about the importance of different aspects of the players' personal development, as well as tips they can implement in their daily lives. These sessions have been well received by parents, who appreciate the opportunity to learn and share experiences on how to improve emotional support for their children. "It helps in the children's learning to make them better people, both on the field and in their daily lives. They give us many facilities and help us a lot," comments Lidia Vilanova, mother of a player from the Prebenjamín B team, while Pablo Lloret, who also participated in the team's training session, assures that "it's an added bonus to their education, it makes them better people. These dynamics are fun, and we like them."