De Frutos deals a knockout blow to Sporting and seals Levante’s fourth consecutive victory in the league

Levante UD: Cárdenas; Son, Postigo, Álex Muñoz, Franquesa (Róber Pier, 42’); Pepelu, Iborra, J. G. Campaña (Brugui, 46’); De Frutos (Cantero, 79’), Joni Montiel (Soldado, 62’) y Bouldini (Wesley, 79’).

Real Sporting: D. Mariño; G. Rosas, Izquierdo (Gragera, 46’, J. Pola, 73’), Bamba, Cote; Juan, Rivera, Zarfino, Queipo (Jony, 79’); Campuzano (Djuka, 62’) y Cristo (Pol V., 73’).

Árbitro: Galez Azpeteguia (Colegio Navarro). Amonestó, por parte del Real Sporting, a Rivera (81’) y Djurdjevic (94’).

Goles: 1-0, min. 73: De Frutos.


Travel plan to Cartagena

Levante UD will travel tomorrow Saturday to play the match corresponding to Matchday 26 of LaLiga SmartBank on Sunday at 6:30 pm against FC Cartagena.The team will leave the Ciutat de València Stadium at 5:00 pm to travel by road to Cartagena and return after the game. They will stay at the Hotel NH Campos Cartagena.


Bouldini exercises with the rest of his teammates

Levante UD trained this afternoon at the Buñol training ground with their sights set on next Sunday, when the match corresponding to Matchday 26 of LaLiga SmartBank will be played against FC Cartagena. Bouldini was a new participant in the afternoon work session when he joined the group after overcoming the discomfort he suffered in his right knee caused by...