Levante UD Beach Soccer Team on their way to Iran for the Eurasia Beach Soccer Cup 2018

Atención, la fecha de publicación de esta noticia es: 12/04/2018 17:59h.

The Levante UD Beach Soccer Team are now on their way to Iran where they will take part in this international competition in Yazd City from 15th - 17th April with other top Beach Soccer teams such as Lokomotiv Moscow, Catania BS and Iranian Team Moghavemate Golsapoosh.

This will be the second time Levante takes part in this competition, after they gave a good performance in 2017 against strong opponents.

The schedule for Levante UD FP is the following:

Sunday 15th April, 8.15pm (local time) – Levante UD vs Moghavemate Golsapoosh

Monday 16th April, 6.45pm (local time) – Lokomotiv BSC vs Levante UD

Tuesday 17th April, 6.45pm (local time) - Catania BS vs Levante UD

A total of 10 players will play for Levante on this occasion:

José Miralles, José Enrique Rodríguez, Pablo López, Aaron Clarke, Dani Pajón, Salvatore Sanfilippo “Salvo”, Víctor Viala, Antonio Aceitón, and Iranian players Farid Boulokbashi and Amir Hosein Akbari.

Ángel López and Juan Jesús Arias are the coaches who will manage the team in this competition.


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