Levante UD Women's team get their revenge over Sevilla FC

Sevilla FC: Cata, Lucía, Isabella, Nago C. (Falknor, min. 56), Olga, Payne, Amparito (Sabrina Flores, min. 56), Zdunek (Kanu, min. 68), Maite, Karpova y Almudena.

Levante UD: Paraluta, O. Batlle (Guti, min. 91), Gemma, M. Corredera, Andonova (Soni, min. 78), Zornoza, Ivana, Jucinara, Alharilla (Eva Navarro, min. 57), Rocío y Redondo (Esther, min. 57).

Árbitro: 0-1: Redondo, min. 37. 0-2: Eva Navarro, min. 89.

Goles: Martínez Martínez (Comité Murciano). Amonestó a la local Karpova (min. 18) y a las visitantes Alharilla (min. 8) y O. Batlle (min. 59).


Levante UD and the Cent Anys Foundation invite you to participate in the Charitable Granotas campaign. Make your donation!

Levante UD and the Cent Anys Foundation invite you to participate in the solidarity campaign “Charitable Granotas” whereby you can make a donation to help purchase sanitary provisions for the Valencian Public Health Authority which will be coordinated by the Generalitat Valenciana and will be distributed among the Valencian homes for the elderly.This campaign aims to reach out to at...


Levante UD create the LUDoteca Granota

Levante UD have joined the campaign ”Stay at home” and as time at home may go more slowly than normal we have come up with up some ideas to entertain people, old and young alike. We have opened LUDoteca Granota, where Levante fans can interact with us via social networks with games and entertainment, and with the players. Everyone who...