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Álex Muñoz and Pedro Muñoz: A Story of Academic Success at Levante UD

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Pedro Muñoz, a player for Levante UD's Infantil A team, has been awarded the Extraordinary Prize for Academic Achievement in Primary Education by the Valencian Government. After receiving this award, the young Levante player had the opportunity to have an insightful conversation with Álex Muñoz, a medical student, who provided him with valuable advice on studies and some tips for balancing academic obligations and football.

The Granota Academy is celebrating after one of its members, Pedro Muñoz, a player for the Infantil A team and grandson of Miguel Simó, a Levante UD player in the 1970s, received the Extraordinary Prize for Academic Achievement in Primary Education awarded by the Valencian Government. Behind this award lies a lot of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, effort, and perseverance, but there are also people who, behind the scenes, provide great support and reinforcement. Family members, teachers from the educational center, Levante UD coaches, and members of the club's psychology department are also an important part of this award.

Pedro Muñoz, who was also honored at the Levante UD Values Awards on several occasions, had a surprise after receiving this recognition. Álex Muñoz, a player for the first team who is nearing the end of his medical studies, wanted to meet him at the Estadio Ciutat de València to congratulate him on this award and have an enriching conversation where they shared anecdotes. The Alicante-born defender provided him with interesting advice on football and studies, emphasizing their importance as a fundamental tool for personal development.

"Your studies will be your best move"

Levante UD cares about the academic training of its players, and therefore, under the motto "Your studies will be your best move," it carries out different actions aimed at supporting and advising parents and players in different aspects of their student life. "We provide resources and tools to families and players so that they know how to organize their time, how to use the agenda to help them plan, or what things are important to consider when they start studying, among others," explains Julia Montero, psychologist of the Granota Academy.

Likewise, coaches play a fundamental role in this educational process of the players, both in sports and personal aspects. Therefore, they are sent "a guide so that they know how to give importance to the academic part in their daily lives, asking them, showing interest in how they are doing in school... And at the end of each trimester, they collect the players' grades so that, from the psychology department, we can review them, see if there are any players having difficulties, and, if so, provide academic support or advice," says Julia.

The psychologist of the Granota Academy emphasizes the importance of acquiring good study habits from an early age for optimal development in different stages of academic formation. "Balancing football and studies involves an extra sacrifice because a lot of time is invested in football, but if they establish routines and organize their time from a young age, taking into account training hours and the time they need to study, as they grow older, they have acquired that routine and it is easier for them to follow it," highlights Julia Montero.