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The Levante UD Board of Directors considers establishing an advisory body


The Levante UD Board of Directors considers establishing an advisory body. Following the General Shareholders' Meeting, the Levante UD Board of Directors met today to begin addressing each of the requests made by shareholders at this meeting on March 26. Among them is the need to listen to the fans and proactively respond to all their proposals. Hence, the creation of an Advisory Board has been proposed to gather and encompass the entire Levante sentiment, a proposal that is on the table and that the Board will continue to study to determine its feasibility and procedure.

The Board of Directors meeting addressed some points discussed at the General Shareholders' Meeting and began to consider addressing the most important requests made by shareholders at the General Meeting because one of the main objectives of the new Board, confirmed precisely at this last meeting, "is to listen to and channel each of the proposals of the Levante sentiment," according to the spokesperson for the Board, Maribel Vilaplana.

One of the most important proposals put on the table today, although there has not yet been an agreement, is the possibility of establishing an Advisory Board. It is an advisory body where issues are debated, proposed, and advises the Board of Directors through non-binding recommendations, and the Board can freely decide whether to implement them. "The objective is to find an operational and real channel where all the Levante voices are represented. It would be a body with an established working procedure that would collect requests, petitions, proposals, or suggestions raised by the various voices that make up the granota club."

The General Shareholders' Meeting made it clear that Levante UD is very diverse, with many voices and different feelings, so creating that figure of an Advisory Board as an advisory body "can be the necessary transmission belt between the sentiment of the Levante fans and the Board, which is the executive body that must make the decisions it deems appropriate to manage the club, always seeking economic viability and the best sports results."

At the moment, it is an option that has been put on the table and will now be studied to see its feasibility and if it is possible to implement it. It will be important to determine which people could be part of it and that, in turn, different sectors of society linked to the Levante sentiment are represented: supporters' groups, shareholders, fans, media, companies, academic world... Likewise, it would be necessary to establish its procedures and the frequency of meetings and work actions.

Next General Shareholders' Meeting

At this first meeting of the Board after the General Meeting, Javier García Murillo, vice president of the "Cent Anys" Foundation of Levante UD and future Sunday member of the Board, attended as a guest, with a voice but without a vote. Another point discussed was the designation of the two future independent consensus members. The different profiles presented by the Foundation have been analyzed, and shortly, the proposal will be presented by the Board. Various options have already been discussed at the meeting, pending consensus.

In fact, next Saturday, prior to the league match against Amorebieta, the Board members will meet again to reach a consensus on the proposal they will present to the Foundation. Once an agreement is reached, the date of the new General Shareholders' Meeting will be set.