El Juvenil A arranca la liga sumando de tres

Real Murcia: Lluis Francisco, Victor Toledo, Jorge Sánchez, Antonio Navarro, Álvaro Hernández, Jose Campillo, Wilson Enrique, Javier Sánchez, Alejandro Pérez (Dylan Alejandro, 60'), Federico Peláez y Alexandro Blanco (Diego Pérez, 70').

Levante UD: Marc Dolz, Xavi Grande, Marcos Navarro, Carlos Peñaranda, Jorge Cabello, Edgar Alcañiz, Pieter Emonds (Alejandro Moya, 79'), Lass (Carlos Jiménez, 79'), Carlos Espi (Jorge Dalmau, 65'), Carlos Martín (Kareem, 60') y Kirian.

Árbitro: Pedro Campoy (comité murciano) amonestó por parte del conjunto local a Antonio Navarro. Y a los granotas Jorge Cabello, Lass, Carlos Jimenez y Alejandro Moya.

Goles: 0-1, min. 68: Kirian


Levante UD Christmas lottery now on sale

Levante UD announces that the club Christmas lottery is now available to purchase at the official stores and at the stadium ticket offices on match days. Ticket participations are 5 euros for the numbers 91909 and 77335 and can be bought at the following times:Tenda Granota (Ciutat de València Stadium)Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm.Tenda...


Life Pro Nutrition becomes a new collaboration partner for Levante UD

Life Pro Nutrition has become Levante UD's new partner until the end of the season and will collaborate, with its Endurance product line, with the club’s top three teams - men's, women's and futsal - following an agreement reached between both parties.Life Pro Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand with a widespread presence in Europe, and Endurance is the line...