Levante UD first team reduce their salaries to guarantee the club’s financial situation and avoid an “ERTE”

Levante Unión Deportiva and the first team, represented by its captains, have reached an agreement to help deal with the financial fallout arising from the health crisis and the suspension of the league brought about by the effects of COVID-19.

The agreement, which also includes the first team coach and the Chairman of the Board, aims to minimise the impact of the current situation on the economy, and more specifically, its consequences in the area of professional football bearing in mind the uncertainty surrounding the return to the competition.

In so doing, they are hoping to face with fewer risks the current exceptional situation that has led to a decrease in income, acting with responsibility and good management, and avoid drastic measures regarding jobs for the rest of the club employees.

The aforementioned agreement consists of a voluntary salary reduction of 20% for this year as long as the 19-20 season does not end; a 3% reduction in the event that the season is resumed behind closed doors (percentage that may vary depending on the final classification in LaLiga); and 1% in the event that the season ends as normal (stadium open to spectators).

The club wishes to thank the players and the coach for the collaboration, affinity, benevolence and generosity which thy have expressed at all times; and for their commitment and respect for the Levante shield and for all Levante fans.

Additionally, the club wishes to express its condolences to all those individuals and families who have suffered the effects of COVID-19 and wish a speedy and satisfactory recovery to all those affected. In addition, the club takes this opportunity to convey its appreciation to all the people who are currently working in essential functions for society; and sends a message of strength and hope to all Levante supporters that this situation will be overcome.


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