Levante UD Official Statement

Levante UD announces that the club's medical team have received notification of three positive Covid-19 cases in the Levante UD FS (indoor football) squad and coaching staff. These people are already isolated, complying with the health protocol, under the control and monitoring of the club's medical team .

Levante UD has already notified these cases to the health authorities and to the RFEF and the LNFS in accordance with the relevant requirements. The rest of the squad members together with the coaching staff and employees have been tested for antigens and all have given a negative result. They are also undergoing PCR tests to rule out any other positive case in the team.



Levante UD and Wakatake Group join forces to promote football training in Japan

Levante UD and Wakatake Group have reached an international training collaboration agreement that will facilitate the introduction of the methodology and the brand of the granota team to the Japanese market.As one of the slogans of Levante UD proclaims, we continue to be in ‘danger of expansion’. And proof of that is the agreement which, through the international training area...