Official Statement from the Levante UD Foundation “Cent Anys”

Atención, la fecha de publicación de esta noticia es: 21/05/2019 20:10h.

The Levante UD Foundation “Cent Anys”, on receiving notification from the Protectorate of Foundations, will release on sale as from today Wednesday 22nd May 17,877 shares from the package they currently own at a price of 135 euros and during the following periods:

-First phase: From 22nd May until 14th June this year 2019, all Levante UD shareholders may purchase up to a maximum of three shares.

-Second phase: From 17th June until 13th July 2019, for season ticket holders from the 2018-19 season who do not have any shares or up to four shares, and who are going to renew their passes for the 2019-20 season. In strict order of request until all available shares are sold.

-Third phase: As from 15th July 2019, and if the shares have not all been previously sold, any interested party may acquire up to a maximum of 100 shares.

The times for selling shares will be from Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 20:00 in the club offices.

The acquisition of shares can be in cash as long as the amount does not exceed 2,000 euros per transaction; by bank card; or by financing, in the club offices, from the Caixa Popular in accordance with the conditions laid down by the bank.

On another point, the Foundation thanks the Board of Administration for their decision to approve the increase in the discount from 50 to 60 euros for those shareholders who have more than four shares in their possession, as well as maintaining said discount during the mandate of the current governing body of the Company.


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