Paco Lopez; "We have lost this match, but there are 35 clashes left to fight and this team is very much alive"

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“We have lost this match, but there are 35 clashes left to fight and this team is very much alive."This was the message that surged from the heart of Paco López in the Ciutat de Valencia Stadium press conference room after the defeat against Sevilla F.C. The Levante ‘Frog’ manager jumped to the defense of the ‘Granota’ squad he trains. He does not see his blue-garnet first squad Granota troop having crossed the thin red line of no return with a need to be blue beyond this match."We have to see where we made mistakes and see our virtuous strengths despite the results,” he earnestly said, rising to stand, as he continued.“The defeat is hard and I understand that perhaps around the delicately sensitive crust doubts may arise, but inside, team confidence is hardcore solid." As he spoke, his words cut like a knife, “There just aren’t any doubts whatsoever on the reactionary capacity of my footballers!”

"I don't see a team on its deathbed, not even one that is defeated.At times, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.We always have things to improve.I would, however, like to better analyze the first 35 minutes of the match."Regarding reports emphasizing that the Sevilla squad had a strong and effective incrementing attack as the match developed, the Granota manager said, "I agree with Coach Machin. In this particular match clash-exchange, they have gotten the better of us. They have been far more effective.”In the judgment of Levante Union Deportiva Mister Paco Lopez, there are two tails to be told regarding the whole tail of the tape. "There is a match of the first half; and, another match after the first goal of the second half.We have been a team that has not defined a clear difference against the rival, the difference only being in definition of being another team."

This definition was a capital aspect in the evolution of the clash; coverage by Sevilla players, man-to-man marking, was intense. The Granota manager, however, did not seek to make excuses to minimize the reality of the overwhelming defeat. "We have to improve things. Be it when we win or lose. I did not find a far more superior Seville, but yes one that has been much more effective. When we lose with a result of 2 to 6, I don’t make excuses.I commend all those fans that stoically bore the match.This time we have lost the match, but I assure you, you will also taste victory. I would ask for your forgiveness if the team hadn’t given it their all. We must send out the message of never giving up, with arms raised to win the next bare-knuckle fight!”

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