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Levante UD falls to FC Cartagena

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Levante UD and FC Cartagena faced each other today with the sole objective of achieving victory, albeit with different purposes. The home team aimed to climb into the promotion playoff zone, while the visitors sought to widen the gap with the relegation zone. In a match where the clearest chances and goals came in the second half, Cartagena secured victory thanks to Ortuño's goal. Levante had the chance to equalize after Bouldini scored, but the referee, after VAR review, decided to disallow the goal.

The Granotas quickly took possession of the ball. They combined to gain ground and reach the opposing area with danger, but failed to create clear chances. They attempted long-range shots from outside the box, through Kochorashvili or Pablo Martínez, but the ball evaded the goal. Meanwhile, FC Cartagena tried to counter-attack but also struggled to generate danger. Towards the end of the first half, Roger Brugué attempted a bicycle kick after a cross from Andrés García, which Fabricio failed to connect accurately, and the ball went over the bar. The Granotas' number 7 then crossed searching for the head of the Brazilian forward, whose header was saved by Raúl Lizoain.

After halftime, the game opened up and both teams began to approach the opposing goal with greater clarity. The visitors were the first to do so with a shot from Luis Muñoz that forced Andrés Fernández to intervene. Levante's response came in the following play with a powerful shot from Roger Brugué from outside the box that narrowly missed the target. Following these early attempts, FC Cartagena took the lead with a header from Alfredo Ortuño. Levante threw everything forward in search of the equalizer. Pablo Martínez tried his luck with a powerful shot from outside the box that went wide, Dani Gómez also had an opportunity saved by the goalkeeper, and Rober Ibáñez delivered a good cross that Bouldini narrowly failed to connect with in front of goal. Levante UD put all their effort into finding the goal that would level the score.

As the match approached its end, the Azulgranas did not give up. Carlos Álvarez, Pablo Martínez... Finally, it was Bouldini who found the net. However, the joy was short-lived, as the referee, after VAR review, disallowed the equalizing goal.

Match summary
Levante UD
Levante UD
Ciutat de Valencia
FC Cartagena
FC Cartagena
Andrés Fdez. photo
13Andrés Fdez.
Raúl Lizoain photo
13Raúl Lizoain
Alex Muñoz photo
03Alex Muñoz
Alcalá photo
Dela photo
J. Fontan photo
14J. Fontan
Maras photo
I. Calero photo
16I. Calero
Andres Garcia photo
30Andres Garcia87
K. Olivas photo
22K. Olivas80
Kochorashvili photo
Andy photo
P. Martínez photo
10P. Martínez
Luis Muñoz photo
08Luis Muñoz67
S. Lozano photo
21S. Lozano72
Musto photo
C. Alvarez photo
37C. Alvarez
Jairo photo
R. Brugué photo
07R. Brugué
Alarcón photo
Fabrício photo
Ortuño . Y photo
09Ortuño . Y67
Felipe Miñambres
Julián Calero Fernández
J. Femenías photo
01J. Femenías
01Tomas Mejias
Àlex Valle photo
05Àlex Valle
Postigo photo
Diego M. photo
02Diego M.80
Buba Sangare photo
42Buba Sangare
Gonzalo Verdú photo
05Gonzalo Verdú80
Cabello photo
Arnau photo
Cantero photo
J. C. Real photo
11J. C. Real
O. Clemente photo
17O. Clemente
Mikel Rico photo
17Mikel Rico67
Rober Ibáñez photo
19Rober Ibáñez72
Jony Álamo photo
32Jony Álamo
O. Rey photo
20O. Rey
Darío photo
Dani Gómez photo
09Dani Gómez45
Narvaez photo
I. Romero photo
18I. Romero
Arnau Ortiz photo
26Arnau Ortiz
M. Bouldini photo
22M. Bouldini72
Ayllon photo
(0 - 1)
Ortuño . Y
Match officials
Adrián Cordero Vega
Gonzalo López de la Llave
Ion Rodríguez Portela
Gonzalo Romero Freixas
Fourth official
Alejandro Quintero González
Video Assistant Referee
Ángel Valverde Martínez
Assistant VAR Official