CD Ebro brings Atlético Levante UD's good run to a halt

At. Levante: Cárdenas, Víctor Ruiz, Arturo, Soberón, P. Martínez, Giorgi (J. Ontiveros, min. 86), Ferni (Joan M. min. 75), Rubén G., Eliseo (Edgar, min. 64), J. Bernal y Toni Herrero.

CD Ebro: Eduardo Loscos, Carlos Barreda, Manel Royo, Espín, Paco Aguza, Lolo Garrido, Jesús Rubio (Dani Palomares, min. 91), Juampa Barros (Álvaro González, min. 83), Rafa Parejo, Alfonso Fernández (Fran García, min. 62) y Stephane Emana.

Árbitro: Madrid Martínez (Comité Murciano). Amonestó a los locales Eliseo (min. 34) y Arturo (min. 70) y a los visitantes Eduardo Loscos (min. 65), Fran García (min. 70), Juampa (min. 75) y Espín (min. 93).

Goles: 0-1: Jesús Rubio, min. 17. 1-1: Soberón, min. 40. 1-2: Stephane Emana, min. 58.


Levante UD is working to offer different alternatives at the end of the season to compensate its 5,780 current season ticket holders.

Thanks to the promotion policies of the Levante UD Board of Directors, many season ticket holders have benefited from various offers. These policies, together with the season ticket holders’ fulfilment of the requirements of the various campaigns based on attendance at League games, have resulted in there being currently 5,780 season ticket holders who have paid up for this season....


Season ticket holders who have attended the 13 league games this season at the Ciutat de València will benefit from the 20-21 Season Ticket Campaign promotion

The Levante UD Board of Directors has decided to modify the conditions of the season ticket holders’ promotion in force for the 19-20 season in order to provide an additional benefit for the coming season, after the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the last six home matches to be played behind closed doors.Within the 19-20 campaign for season ticket holders, Levante...