Levante UD Official Statement

Levante UD announces that one of the women's team players has tested positive for COVID-19. It was discovered after the team underwent PCR tests due to the fact that one person who had mixed with them, from outside the club, had tested positive.

The player is now in quarantine, in accordance with the health protocol, and is being supervised by the club's medical services.

Levante UD announces that all players, coaching staff and employees involved with the women's first team have tested negative in the PCR tests carried out.

During the week, the rest of the players have trained separately as a preventative measure until the results of the PCR tests were known.


Levante UD official statement

Levante UD reports that the club's medical team have confirmed up to nine positive Covid-19 cases among the Levante UD Indoor Football squad and coaching staff. The new positive cases have been detected in repeat PCR tests which they have undergone. We are waiting for new test results, which will be known tomorrow. The entire team has been isolated since...