Levante UD Women’s Team react with a serious victory over UDG Tenerife

UDG Tenerife: Aline Reis, Jujuba, Eva Llamas, Pisco, Joice Borini (Koko, 72’), Allegra, Marijose (Martín Prieto, 64’), Raissa, María Estella, Silvia Doblado (Paola, 64’) y Patry Gavira.

Levante UD: S. Torres; O. Batlle, Rocío, Ivana, Jucinara; Maitane, Zornoza, Alharilla (Soni, 68’), Andonova (Corredera, 79’); Eva Navarro (Gemma, 79’) y Esther (Nerea, 94’).

Árbitro: Martínez Martínez (Colegio Murciano). Amonestó, por parte del UDG Tenerife, a Patri Gavira (36’) y Koko (82’) y a las levantinistas Jucinara (11’) y Sandra Torres (91’).

Goles: 0-1, min. 62: Eva Navarro.


Levante UD and Joan Monterde extend their agreement

Levante UD and Joan Monterde have reached an agreement to extend the contract between the Club and the Atlético Levante UD midfielder until 2021 with an option for two further seasons.The player joined Levante UD’s Cadete B team in 2011 from Villarreal CF. He progressed though several different teams in the club, playing for Cadete A, Juvenil B and two...


Levante UD re-open the Tenda Granota in calle Colón

Levante UD re-open the Tenda Granota located in calle Colon on Monday 18th May after having been closed for weeks due to the Covid-19 crisis. Having progressed to Phase 1, the Tenda can now open Mondays to Saturdays from 10am-2pm and 4pm-8pm.At the Tenda we have carried out all the required health measures, such as the use of masks and...